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I can't - I'm booked.

Hand-stamped bookmarks are timeless pieces crafted with care to elevate your reading experience and infuse it with charm.

Made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum, this bookmark measures 5" long by 1" wide, and offers the option to personalize with the selection of your favorite ribbon color.

These bookmarks are not machine engraved; instead, each letter and design element is lined up and hammered one-by-one into the metal - all by hand. For this reason, there may be slight differences in the spacing, depth, and alignment. These are characteristics that add to the charm of being handmade; do not expect machine perfection.

Whether you're diving into a thrilling novel, exploring the depths of a self-help book, or unraveling the pages of a poetry collection, 10th Floor Treasures bookmarks are the perfect companions. Gift them to book lovers, students, and loved ones as keepsakes to be cherished for years to come and as reminders of the person who gifted it.

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