What is metal stamping?

Metal stamping involves hammering individual letter and design stamps into a softer metal one at a time. This is very different than machine engraving. No machines or software are involved; each letter or design element is hammered by hand into the metal one-by-one. Every individual impression is created from an individual stamp. Lots of practice is required in order to line up each letter and element precisely and to hammer with the correct amount of force for that size and shape stamp. There should be no expectations of machine-like precision; instead, find appreciation for the charm that comes with being handcrafted.
Metal stamping fonts
Metal stamping fonts. These are the letters that are hammered into the pieces one-by-one.
Metal stamping fonts size comparison
There is a huge variety in sizes of fonts ranging from tiny 1.5mm to large 7mm.
A huge variety of font options
Look at all those font options!
A drawer full of findings
A drawer full of materials: bracelet blanks, rolls of chain, clasps, jump rings, and ear wires.
Megan stamping in her home studio
Megan creates everything by hand in her home studio.