Our story

Like most people, family is at the heart of our story: an idea derived from owner Megan’s sister drove 10th Floor Treasures from a creative hobby to a full-fledged company.

Years ago, Megan endeavored to create a medical alert bracelet that was different than what her sister, who has type 1 diabetes, wore daily. Always eager to try new creative methods, she dove into metal stamping, and although that very first medical alert bracelet probably didn’t live up to her sister’s expectations, Megan realized there was power in those metal stamps.

With language at her fingertips, the metal stamps ready for any thought she wanted to express, she knew that this could be a way to share positivity, empowerment, and thoughtfulness… something worthwhile, something meaningful.

10th Floor Treasures was born in a high rise apartment (on the tenth floor – would you have guessed?) with a medical alert bracelet in 2014, but it continues now through pieces in which people find meaning: inspirational messages, keepsakes of family, connections with nature.

As 10th Floor Treasures flourished, Megan left her position as a preschool teacher when her daughter was born. Her creative company allowed her to work from home as she grew her family from just two newlyweds in a tenth floor apartment to a family of three. Because of 10th Floor Treasures, she is able to design a life with her family that revolves around time together, adventures outdoors, and providing an education for her daughter at home.

10FT began with an idea from her family, and lives on to provide a lifestyle for her family.

10th Floor Treasures began in a tenth floor apartment in 2014