Mind Over Miles, You've Got This Shoe Tags

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Mind over miles; you've got this! Inspire your runner with tags to wear on his or her shoes. A perfect gift for marathons, training, or the race day, runners will appreciate the motivation.

To personalize your own shoe tags, please click here.

Set of two tags featuring the text pictured. Each aluminum tag is approximately 1.5" wide by .5" tall and made to slip onto your shoelace. Aluminum is lightweight, and non-tarnish.

These are not machine engraved; instead, each letter is aligned one-by-one and hammered into the metal - all by hand. For this reason, there may be slight differences in the spacing, depth, and alignment. These are characteristics that add to the charm of being handmade; do not expect machine perfection. Please be aware of turn-around and shipping times. Rush options available at checkout.

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